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Zhuhai OMEC Instrument Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai OMEC Instruments Co., Ltd. is a member of the British Spark Group with many well-known multinational enterprises. Spectris was founded in 1915.
It is a multinational company based on the manufacture of precision instruments and control equipment. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange (code SXS) and is a London Securities Company.
TechhMARK and FTSE 4Good are founding members of the exchange's technology stock index and social responsibility index. Euro-American Ke upholds the absolute integrity of SBG Company
The core values, combined with its advanced R&D management concepts and strong technical support, provide customers with excellent granularity testing products and services, mainly including
It includes three series of products: laser particle size analyzer, resistance particle counter and particle image analysis and processing system.

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  • RC-2100 Resistance Method (Kurt) Particle Counter
    PIP9.1 Particle Image Processor

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